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Top 5 Best Soccer Tipsters In The World

Today the internet is flooded with a plethora of tipster websites. Each claims to be one of the top 5 and boasts of a good winning percentage. Choosing one might seem difficult but certain criteria help determine whether claims made by these tipster websites are true.
To find out the best soccer tipsters, they need to be filtered using the following factors. These factors will also enable punters to analyse their claims of featuring in the top 5 soccer tipsters across the world.

What features should punters look for in tipsters?

The presence of the below-given features makes a tipster website stand out from the crowd for its reliable and accurate predictions. They are:

Track record:The presence of a good track record independently verified by a third party is a clear indication of the genuinity of their claim. But punters need to be careful here since the internet is full of fraudulent tipster websites that inflate their records or fabricate them altogether. There might also be websites that are outright scams. Thus, punters should only focus on verified tipsters and ignore all those who come without one.

Longevity: It is easy for tipster websites to be successful for short period amounting to a few weeks, months or even a year. Only those whose predictions are backed by sound logic, good data analytics, research and mathematical calculations will survive the cutthroat competition for long. The punter should focus only on those tipsters who have consistently managed to beat bookmakers with their predictions for 2 years or more. They should be careful of tipsters who come with a lot of fanfare, promise outlandish things but disappear the moment they encounter prediction fails.

ROI: This is important, as it will indicate the profitability of the punter when he associates with them. Only tipsters that have a high hit and profit percentage can make it to the list of the best soccer tipsters.

Strike rate: This indicates the number of predictions that are converted into a win. It is also known as the “win rate.”It is an important metric to understand how long a losing streak will last if the punter decides to collaborate with them. Strike rates are generally dependent on the odds that a tipster chooses to bet at. Thus, they keep varying. In soccer, the strike rate of a punter generally never crosses 50%. 

The strike rate of the tipster is very important for the punter as it gives him an indication of the bankroll he would have to maintain if he collaborates with the tipster.Overall profit and loss: The overall profits made by the tipster website indicates the effectiveness of their predictions. For the punter, this indicates the growth percentage of his bankroll upon his collaboration with the tipster.

Based on the above-mentionedpoints, it becomes easy for the punter to decide which tipsters are worthy of being featured in the list of the best soccer tipsters. 

What are the names of the 5 best soccer tipsters?

It is difficult to evaluate the same from the so many tipsters flooding the website. Hence opting to go by the list of top tipsters provided by third-party websites proves to be a great help. Evaluating such tipsters based on the above factors is easy. This list would ideally include:

  • JK Diego who perfected the Draw Betting system
  • Predictology
  • Bookie Insiders Football
  • Banker Bets
  • Football Advisor Lays

However, instead of opting for different tipster websites for different betting event predictions, it is best to collaborate with a tipster website like that offers punters the opportunity to choose tipsters based on their demands. Such a website makes it possible for a tipster to get everything under one roof.

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