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What Is The Biggest Bets Ever Won In History?

What is the biggest bets ever won In History Blog Featured ImageWhat is the biggest bets ever won In History Blog

Betting brings more excitement to the sports that are anyway highly charged up events. If players work on the field and bag hefty contracts, the bettors work off the turf and make money from predicting the outcomes. It is almost like two battles going on and off the field. The biggest celebratory moment comes when the bettors score a win.  Betting space offers two types of bets in terms of structure – single bets and accumulator bets. Accumulator bets are real game-changers. They can make any bettor a millionaire overnight if predictions come out correct. Let’s take a look at the biggest win in accumulator bet and individual bet segments.

Which Is The Biggest Win In An Accumulator Bet?

For the uninitiated, accumulator bet is the combination of various bets. Each bet has to be won for the accumulator to score a win. The returns from an accumulator are fairly high. One can expect to clock tremendously big amounts as takeaway. Let’s see how one accumulator bet made history in terms of winning amount. It happened in 2000-2001 season of Premier League. A Manchester United fan clubbed bets from Premier League, Scottish League One and Two, Championship League One and Two, National League and Scottish League one and two divisions. Not only of football, he included some bets from Rugby and Cricket too in his combo bet.  The odds of winning this acca bet were 1.6million to one. And, he won! His total earnings from this bet were half a million pounds.  In another fateful win of this sort, the bettor was a lady. She picked a twelve-team accumulator and placed £1 only on it. Her bet included not a single draw surprisingly. As a return to this paltry investment, she took home £5,74,278.

Which Is The Biggest Single Bet Ever Won?

The biggest win in a single bet was scored in a Leicester City Premier League upset. Leicester city in 2015 were underdogs at odds of 5000/1. There was hardly anybody betting on the win of this team in that season. However, one bettor showed an unusual inclination for this team and wagered £100 on Leicester’s win.  There was nothing that was making sense to this bet. These underdogs were taking on one of the strongest contenders of the season.  And, it’d be the biggest upset if Leicester City won. The luck smiled in that bettor and he walked away with a startling amount of £200,000 by staking merely £100.  In Super Bowl, a regular poker player placed a bet on New Orleans win against Indianapolis Colts. In this game too, New Orleans had thin chance of winning against Colts. But the poker player, Bill Walters, had a different opinion. He read the odds carefully, assessed the potential profit, and calculated the risk. His research and intuition served him right and he bagged $3.5mn as an enviable winning amount. The New Orleans defeated Colts 31-17. It was their first Super Bowl win ever.

Which Are The Other Huge Payouts Reported In Betting?

Here are a few phenomenal winning amounts listed in betting world:

  • $76,000 off a $0.10 bet: It was a superfecta attempted by two anonymous punters. They predicted the top four horses in exact order. The winners odds were 88/1.
  • $1,05,000 on a $5 bet: Tayla Polia, with almost just one bet experience, hit this jackpot. Her pick was a 15-leg parlay that had odds of 20,000 to 1. And, the site of setting was NFL. Betting site William Hill paid her this huge sum reporting one of the biggest payouts.
  • £157,000 on a £2.50 bet: The history maker in question is Mick Gibbs. He chose 9 football matches from European football tournaments in his accumulator. This bet was placed in year 1999. To add to the drama, it was not his last. He continued to amass such payouts in following times too.

Summing Up

The fact that wins in football betting is not an everyday affair makes these wins more special. Bettors with a knack of identifying potential, understanding risks and profits, a little discipline and lot more luck do the unbelievable and inspire others to dream big. Though luck does matter, but it is their research and study that puts them many steps ahead. So, whenever you want to defy the odd, put heart and head together – a simple tip to remember!

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