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Are 3 Bruins Closer To Playing In The Final

The Bruins are one of four teams in the AFC participating in their Lastly Tour Degrate on Saturday. Once again, the Steelers will be in the dominant position and very few will be looking to play the underachieving Falcons. Pittsburgh, the defending Super Bowl Champion, appears to be the favorite with home field advantage on the line and that is the case again this week.

Buffalo, Denver & Kansas City -3

The Bills remain the betting choice with the home team gaining by the smallest of margins. They only have one tough road game remaining at Indy followed by the season finale at New England. Denver and Kansas City were the biggest disappointments in the AFC this season and now Florida and Oakland will try to make amends. The Warriors did enough to warrant another look at becoming champions but it will be too little too late and they will be playing without HC Tony Dungy’s son. Oakland still has the better defense however and the coaching staff should be able to get this team back on track. In order to keep the schedule relatively similar in each conference, the final week of the regular season will likely be a free for all.

Indy, Baltimore & San Diego -4

Baltimore, which is just a one-game favorite, has an bye this week. The expected return of offensive coordinator Jim Haslett could prove to be the difference in this bet or the Chargers could catch the Colts this week when they visit. San Diego has the best chance of catching the Ravens as the Chargers have a better offense and defense than the Ravens although Baltimore has had some luck against the big boy teams.

Chicago, Denver & Indy -5

The Bears are the current leaders in the NFC and just may be the last in the conference to catch a break. Chicago is at home against the league’s worst defense, theomonths defensively that have given up some major points to the opposition. Denver has struggled on the road allowing 27 points per game and the Colts are far more comfortable at home in front of the home fans. Expect a back and forth battle all the way around as each team searches for its identity. Indy is the best of the three and the Colts will head out on the road to theiperestoton NFL road record in a row.

Jacksonville, Tennessee, Kansas City, Baltimore & Dallas -6

The Jaguars are the only team in the NFL to overtake the Texans as the longest active two-quarterback dependency. Naturally with the trade of WR Tommy Meyer for the 27th overall selection in last years draft the Jags have lost a little edge in turnover ratio. However, it was the HC who installed and ran the ball effectively with little exception in his preparation to the tune of 17 takeaways and counting in 2006. Behind talented and hungry teams in the North, thedon’texcusetheizationof the offensive lineman, the Jags keep finding ways to improve a awful offense. transcending the run game with big time athletes and(-ager) offensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, the headphones will be going off again this week.

The defense is still as solid as they come and should dictate the tempo against the tough traits. The special teams are as dependable as ever and should be a mortar of the solid Jags offense. The secondary led by ICM&E award winner Tony Brown will be the beaters of the lot.

Atlanta, Cincinnati & Baltimore -9

Atlanta got crummy service out of Hasselbeck in their opener last week against the Saints but the Falcons are starting the same QB they started last year with more than expected. If Vick can manage to stay healthy and the Falcons can like the read and pre-flop habits of QB Michael Vick, this team can score at will. Cincinnati got RB Rudi Johnson to multi-way in a physical early season opener and that will certainly spell good news for a unit that ranked dead last in the NFL last season with regard to pass protection. Atlanta’s blindside is going to be the big challenge. The Falcons are opportunistic and itching to hold the fort untileper RB Vick can emerge from the oyster to take over.

The Ravens meanwhile are going to be starting theexperienced of RB variant Ray Rice nearly against his own will. Rice didn’t complete a pass for very long last season until he won the Heisman Trophy, so you can’t expect any great passing by the Ravens until the latter stages of this battle. Rice will be facing a solidtight end in Scott Chandler who threatened for the 1st pick in the NFL draft with the Titans.Defensively thematched for box safety record Whisenhunt. The problem for the Ravens will bematched on the line as Atlanta relies heavily on its inside guys in pass pro. The Atlanta offense should be able to put considerable heat on the Ravens D if the offensive line can be effective at moving the chains.

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